I love weddings!


Really! I often hear photographers complain about weddings,  but after 23 years in the industry I love weddings as much as ever, in fact maybe more. I have a soft, romantic side (yes really!) and I feel so lucky to be a part of these special occasions. I give my heart and soul on the day, and really will climb walls, and lie in puddles if I have to, to get the perfect image. Making people happy is my goal!

I am a people person. I get on with everyone at weddings and do my best to fit in, and be part of the day. I will be discreet when I have to be, and be part of things when it is necessary to get reactions from people. I am a born problem solver and when things go wrong, be sure I’ll be able to help relieve the stress of the day.

My weddings are 80% reportage 100% art. The bulk of the day is spent observing, and capturing moments in time, the things you don't see or won't remember until you see the images. This is the true art of photographing a wedding.

I am a full time photographer, not someone trying to make a few quid on a Saturday, or to get attention on social media. I pay tax, insurance, and care passionately about my clients. There are many people claiming to be photographers these days, but they will be gone in no time, possibly before your wedding comes around. I have seen it happen so many times in my 23 years shooting weddings.

Book someone with experience, a reputation, and who cares!


We have done wedding photography in Cyprus, Poland, France, Italy and Thailand, see our International page for more information on travel.

We cater for all weddings, no matter how big or how small. If you are getting married in a castle with 300 guests, or if it is just the two of you on a remote beach, we can put a package together for you.

We shoot weddings at some of the top wedding venues in the country, such as Achnagairn House, Aldourie Castle, Dunrobin Castle, Ness Castle Lodges, Bunchrew House Hotel, Loch Ness Country House Hotel, Ackergill Tower, Glenskirlie Castle, Meldrum House, Fyvie Castle, Ardoe House, Drumtochty Castle, Dalhousie Castle and many many more.