ROCK THE FROCK came about as a result of the previous craze of Trash The Dress. Trash The Dress was an American creation, and I was one of the first to introduce it in this country, way back around 2005/2006 from memory. It was pretty popular, and I did some really fun shoots, but it struggled as a concept, as the term 'trash the dress' wasn't the best marketing name. People elsewhere were doing crazy stuff like ripping and burning their dresses, so to try to sell it as a glorified fashion shoot was hard.


That's when I introduced Rock The Frock. A far better term and less of an idea of destruction in the mind of prospective clients. That's not to say you cannot go totally crazy with this. It allows a bride a chance to wear her dress again. It is generally stored forever. Worn once. Why? Well, there's actually no real reason to do so. You can go somewhere really nice, maybe somewhere you couldn't get to on the day. Scenery, Castles, the sea. Whatever you want. It really is a chance to get creative in a way that is not possible on the wedding day. No time constraints, and no real problem in going off the beaten track.

So, after some thought, I am reintroducing this. I am taking bookings for the coming months, and shoots start at only £50, with you then being able to choose any prints, canvas, or other products from the website afterwards. Alternatively, for £125 you can have the shoot and the digital images included.

To book a shoot, here's the links. I will then get in touch to arrange a date and location with you.